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Her mission is to manage, plan and organize the development of the educational approach of the pre-school. She is approachable and is in constant communication with the families regarding the development of the child, including the family environment.

Our approach to education shall be guided and assisted by educators who express themselves only in the English language, who will guide, potentiate and help children in the constant learning without imposing strict methods.

Consistently supports the educational team in everyday tasks and the toddlers in their various needs, both personal and pedagogical.


Our philosophy is that learning must be based on love, gentleness, acceptance, and tolerance. We have developed an emotionally and physically safe environment which is at the core of our preschool.  As experienced preschool educators we understand that treating and caring for our students as individual is fundamental.

The English language is the primary language to help give our students the added boost to understanding and communicating in a second language.  This exposure at a young age will provide a life-long base. All instruction and activities are done solely in the English language.

In addition, we are fortunate to have a speech language therapist at our preschool assisting in developing proper pronunciation and speech patterns.  We strive to stay on the most current and research based instructional strategies through on going lectures, conferences and materials relevant to best practices. At the  beginning of the school implementation we are going to count with a closed circuit cameras and in a second stage we will have a nursery to take care of infants and toddlers.

We invite families to become part of our preschool.  We believe that your contribution and opinions are essential to a well-rounded educational experience for your child.