:::Serendipity- Un hallazgo afortunado:::

Serendipity, the pleasure of the unexpected is how we define our preschool. Our hope is to uncover all the potential in your child.  Our preschool looks to be part of your family, giving your children the tools to succeed and be happy in everyday life. We look to be a part of your child’s early educational development.

The Montessori educational approach teaches children, among other things, self- discipline, autonomy, values, and courtesy standards among peers and adults. It aims to guide their interests through the use of certain materials. This learning approach is based on the observations made by Maria Montessori related to the natural behavior. Within this approach the goal is to have the child take ownership of their educational interests.
The Montessori educational approach proposes making an educational setting harmonious and joyful which in turn is productive for the individual learner.

  We emphasize productive play in all its forms and believe this is extremely important to a child’s development. It gives them knowledge, experience as well as self-confidence.  Play is the best vehicle to develop verbal and thinking cognition as well as an increased an ability to make decisions. We believe that this is at the core of the learning process.

We want to emphasize family participation in the learning process, recognizing that we are all involved in raising a happy child.

English is the primary language at our preschool. We are becoming a more globalized environment where having English language as a second language is very important. All of our teachers are proficient in English.


Establish ourselves as an English pre-school in Viña del Mar, who upon delivering our vocation as teachers, we transform into an establishment that is a leader in early childhood education setting, helping to develop the potential of every child in working together with parents and the community. We plan to insert ourselves in the community as an alternative to families seeking an environment with a universal language that is English, as well being an option for multicultural families.